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Compound used for resistance to oils and petrols, ensuring satisfying elasticity and a good mechanic resistance.

Rubber - produzione di anelli di tenuta per alberi rotanti - materie prime (1)
Rubber - produzione di anelli di tenuta per alberi rotanti - materie prime (2)


Compound with excellent resistance to the weathering and ozone. This compound withstands very well abrasion phenomena, but it does not tolerate hydrocarbons and acids in general.

Neoprene is optimal for seal in water at high temperatures.


This compound is widely used for docs and sealing parts in presence of water and hot vapours. It represents a good compromise between high physical-mechanics characteristics and a good resistance to atmospheric agents and ozone.


The silicone is usually used for its excellent characteristics of heat resistance and elasticity. In some formulations this compound is required in food, pharmaceutical and medical equipment sectors.


These compound types represent the most technological requirements of a synthetic range. This compound modified according with its use, has high resistance to temperatures (210°) and excellent sealing in contact with high corrosive acids elements. They can be used to realise any technical article.


Inox metallic ASI (302 – 304 – 316T) – F.37 according to request TAB. UNI 5866/77 EN 10130 EURONORMA 102442 – 22 TAB.UNI 5867/78.” The sealing rings are made of an elastomer element and a metal insert, a helicoidal spring is situated on the oil shelter lip to favour a greater seal.

Rubber - produzione di anelli di tenuta per alberi rotanti - materie prime (3)
Rubber - produzione di anelli di tenuta per alberi rotanti - materie prime (5)

The sealing rings can be made of any type of synthetic compound, they can have different profiles according to the different seal requirements. They are used to seal the machine’s elements in a large variety of industrial applications as in the aeolic, naval, rolling, construction, agriculture fields, where the working conditions require very long maintenance intervals adaptable to different characteristic and extreme working condition such as in presence of high temperature, acides, oils, stone fragments, seawater or high speeds. Its main task is to prevent leakage and reduce friction and heating in the vicinity of crankshaft.

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