Rubber Articoli Tecnici Srl - Moulds drawing designs and metal-rubber sealing rings production

The sealing rings are made of an elastomer element and a metal insert.

An helicoidal spring is situated on the oil shelter lip to favour a greater seal.

The sealing rings can be made of any type of synthetic compound, they can have different profiles according to the different seal requirements. They are used to seal the machines elements in a large variety of industrial applications as in the aeolic, naval, rolling, construction, agriculture fields, where the working conditions require very long maintenance intervals adaptable to different characteristic and extreme working conditions such as in presence of high temperature, acides, oils, stone fragments, seawater or high speeds. Its main task is prevent leakage and reduce friction and heating in the vicinity of crankshaft.

Sealing rings B1/B2 type

Rubber anelli di tenuta articolo B1-B2

Made of external metal armature, rubber sealing lip, spiral toric spring. Double metal armature makes the ring reinforced for heavy applications; the outer metal is ground in finish leading the required measurements in tolerance.

Sealing rings COMBI type

Rubber anelli di tenuta articolo Combi

Box type with reinforced external metallic armature, rubber lip and polyurethane washer. It is used for oleo dynamic applications.

Sealing rings G/GP type

Rubber anelli di tenuta articolo G_GP

FE37 ring is completely rubber covered, with simple lip or with dust-shelter lip.

Sealing rings RMT type

Rubber anelli di tenuta articolo RMT

External metal with internal reinforcement metallic bar and garter spring. It is the ring for the heaviest applications. It endures the misalignments associated with one of the fastest high-speed levels of crankshaft.

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